DocuComp TracTM Clinical Documentation Integrity/Improvement software is DocuComp® LLC’s latest product innovation. DocuComp TracTM is a fully featured interactive database application that tracks and analyzes all aspects of clinical documentation converting the data into real time reports formatted into tables and charts, accessible from any computer with an internet connection.
The utilization of intuitive dashboards allows customization to meet your unique Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) department’s needs for optimizing workflow and increasing productivity. DocuComp TracTM continuously tracks and calculates the impact of CDI personnel including realized revenue. 
Real time concurrent analytics and reporting allow a view of statistics for that exact moment not a snapshot graphic from a week or month ago, allowing administrators to track trends and proactively implement improvement measures as changes occur. 
DocuComp TracTM Tracks and Calculates
  • MS-DRG assignment.
  • Original MS-DRG’s relative weight and revised MS-DRG’s relative weight to continuously calculate the financial impact on your facility. 
  • Physician queries and response clarification to determine the impact of clinical documentation. 
  • Overdue, incomplete, completed and discharged cases to determine efficiency of CDI.
  • Revenue generated by accurate documentation
  • Revenue missed by under coding due to ambiguous, incomplete or absent documentation

DocuComp TracTM
  • Ensures Compliance
  • Contains Internal listings of MS-DRG’s with relative weights
  • Creates Key performance indicator’s 
  • Generates daily work list.
  • Filters cases for review by multiple criteria. 
  • Provides Information in a variety of formats for greater visual impact and clearer understanding.
  • Organizes, manages and stores data at time of input
  • Provides user management and security by allowing assignment of roles, locations and groups
DocuComp TracTM Provides
At-a-glance Business Intelligence - Includes views of any format (chart’s, tables, calendars and more) and information base (revenue, queries, physicians and more) customized to your preference compiled on one page and fully interactive. Streamlined data management and quantitative informational results in one click.
Streamlined Workflow to enhance productivity - Current listings of all cases and easily customized to reveal cases in progress, completed, needed review, awaiting query response and more in individual choice of format, on one dashboard page available as start page when you log on. DocuComp TracTM minimizes the time required for data entry as data is entered one time in one place.
Simplified user navigation - From each page you can add a case, search, work on case in progress, add a query, and more. Customize a dashboard to include all your frequently used data and pages accessible with one click. Data is organized, managed and stored at time of input.
DocuComp TracTM allows your facility to track, calculate and report the impact Clinical documentation has on your facility continuously allowing implementation of proactive improvement measures as needed. The increase of productivity and efficiency combined with ease of navigation will prove invaluable to your facility. 
For More Information, Contact:

Paul E. Bibbins, Jr., PhD, CFO