Onsite Service Offerings

Let us come to you!

DocuComp® LLC offers a range of on-site services that fit any budget for facilities of all sizes. DocuComp® LLC' s expert Physician Educators, CDI Educators  & Case Manager Educators have years of experience practicing in a variety of specialty settings and have the depth of experience to bring maximum value to your facility.
DocuComp® LLC’s on-site offerings include: Educational Consulting Agreements, Clinical Documentation Integrity Training & Certification, Clinical Documentation Integrity Team Development & Implementation, Physician-to-Physician Documentation Seminars/Presentations, Specialty-Specific Clinical Documentation Departmental Meetings, Medical Record Reviews / Audits for Clinical Documentation , Coding, Medical Necessity & Compliance, Compliance Presentations & Updates for Administrators and Boards, ChargeMaster Reviews , and more.
All of our programs are customized based upon each clients’ needs and are designed for maximum effectiveness and value. Contact us for more information.

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