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DocuComp® LLC is a Clinical Documentation Improvement, Clinician Education, Medical Necessity and Compliance organization that was established in 2000 with the belief that appropriate clinical documentation and clinical coding are the core communication elements in the healthcare industry. DocuComp® LLC brings together highly experienced, board certified physicians who have years of clinical experience, as well as having significant expertise in medical records coding, clinical documentation, and healthcare compliance education.  

DocuComp® LLC clearly recognizes the impact of today’s regulatory environment on health care providers.  Today’s high profile on compliance and Value Based Purchasing places increased responsibilities and accountability on physicians for the necessity of explicit, accurate, documentation of the medical record and appropriate coding to attain proper reimbursement. Our long experience working with hospitals, physicians, and HIMs on appropriate medical communication, documentation, coding and compliance has uniquely positioned us to respond to the current compliance needs of our clients with unparalleled clinical depth.  Our team members have served many hospitals throughout the country and are proven in our ability to have a dynamic, positive impact on our clients clinical, financial, and compliance profiles.

Since its beginnings, DocuComp® LLC has been a leader in health care compliance and education through carefully designed programs involving physician-to-physician/clinician training.  In our desire of continuing to meet our clients’ needs in this rapidly changing health care environment, we offer in-depth compliance analyses for hospital systems of both clinical and business compliance operations.

DocuComp® LLC established the first nationally recognized Clinical Documentation Improvement Certification Program (C-CDI) in 2007. The Clinical Documentation Institute and Certification Program is the premier educational seminar dedicated to providing practical guidance for clinical documentation improvement. The program addresses the evolving educational needs that are adherent to the significant changes occurring in health care, especially as it relates to the Medicare Severity-Diagnostic Related Group (MS-DRG) Prospective Payment system. This program and certification have been successfully been completed by hospital administrators, coders, case managers, physicians, compliance officers, and CDI Specialists.

DocuComp® LLC Mission statement
“DocuComp® LLC a physician owned and managed organization is dedicated to enhancing the quality of healthcare organizations and physician practices through physician-to-physician education regarding documentation and medical necessity.  DocuComp® LLC proactively prepares organizations for RAC readiness and regulatory compliance through education, technology, and organizational development.”

DocuComp® LLC