DocuComp helps doctors, hospitals, nursing homes and clinics more effectively communicate the quality healthcare that they deliver in today’s complex healthcare environment.
What this means is that we help you demonstrate the quality of medical care provided at your facility and thus increase your level of reimbursement, increase your revenue and decrease your denial rates from insurance companies.

DocuComp® LLC will train your providers and case managers to effectively communicate the practice of medicine and effectively appeal any denials from third party payers, if needed.

What this really means is that you will be able to improve your facilities clinical documentation, improve your level of compliance, decrease your denial rate, and increase your revenue.

The DocuComp® LLC Team

Keith I. Stokes, CI-CDI, Chief Executive Officer, DocuComp® LLC

Dr. Keith I. Stokes is a board certified physician with a diverse career that includes experience as a clinic medical director, hospital chief-of-staff, hospitalist, consultant and physician advisor.
Dr. Stokes is a graduate of Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tennessee. He completed internship and a residency in Family Medicine at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi. Dr. Stokes has served as a consultant for numerous hospitals, primarily focused in the areas of physician advisor, utilization management and clinical documentation improvement.


Dr. Martin has 35+ years' experience as a physician in emergency medicine, occupational medicine and forensic medicine.
Dr. Martin has provided extensive physician education on numerous subjects. He has done intensive medical review and analysis of medical records from a general medical perspective and occupational medicine perspective, followed by compilation of a detailed written review to be used to formulate decisions around initial liability decisions and appeal decisions. He has served as a medical director at several hospitals.

Subodhkumar (Subodh) Sundaram, MD, PAC-CDI

Dr. Sundaram had been practicing critical care and intensivist medicine for 13 years. Dr. served as Lead Physician, Hospitalist Program where he developed a hospitalist program in a community hospital setting.
Clinical experience includes: ICU, Inpatient rehabilitation, Transitional Care Unit and general medical/surgical care. Committee experience included: Medical Quality Review Committee, Family Practice Quality Review Committee, and Information Management Committee. Member of: Documentation Improvement taskforce, Observation Utilization taskforce, and Evidence Based Medicine committee.